vidaXL makes new steps in fast growth

vidaXL has reached a new milestone with the start of construction for a new distribution centre of over 100.000 m² in Venlo, to keep up with the online retailer’s rapid international expansion and ambitions for growth.  vidaXL is one of Europe’s fastest growing international online retailers, and is active in 29 countries. The network of popular vidaXL web shops will now be made accessible to other retailers, so vidaXL customers will get to choose from over a million products at surprisingly competitive prices. With this, vidaXL hopes to exceed its customer’s wildest expectations, and they make this known with the slogan ‘Kan niet? Echt wel!’ (Impossible? Guess again!) in their new TV-commercial in the Netherlands.

vidaXL is a fast-growing online marketplace, in which customers can find a huge assortment of products for in an around the house. Through their platform, they offer a surprising range in the categories Home and Garden, DIY, Household Products, Outdoor Toys and Wellness and Fitness. The product range is not limited to vidaXL’s competitively priced own range, but also contains premium brand products. To support their platform’s successful growth, vidaXL starts construction on a huge international distribution centre of over 100.000 m²: double their current capacity and the biggest e-commerce distribution centre in the Netherlands.

In addition, vidaXL accelerate their further expansion by opening vidaXL to external sellers. Other retailers have recently been given the opportunity to join in the growth online, and offer their products to over billion customers in Europe, Australia and the United States through the vidaXL web shops.

By using their experience and technology in the field of online marketing, combined with a well-arranged, accessible website and a well-reachable customer service, vidaXL will increase the revenue as well as customer satisfaction for the affiliated retailers, thanks to the bigger assortment

The best deal: a good product for a very competitive price

“If you are looking for the best deal and a surprising product range, come to vidaXL: the one-stop-shop for any product for in and around the house you can think of. “With our own vidaXL brand, we offer our customers the widest range of products that are hard to find, or much more expensive at other providers”, says Gerjan den Hartog, CEO and co-founder of vidaXL.  “In this way, we have a very wide range of our own branded products, for which we control the full chain – from product development to shipping to the customer -, which allows us to keep the costs as low as possible. In this way, we are able to offer a truly competitive alternative, and that’s what makes vidaXL unique. Our platform is a true marketplace, in which you can discover virtually everything. We want to offer customers a special shopping experience. What could be better than feeling the thrill of scoring a great deal: a great product, for a great price?”

vidaXL’s corporate culture, which focusses on exceeding the customers’ expectations, also makes them stand out. Den Hartog: “Customers can always expect more from us. Through our experience as an international retailer, we know what moves our customers, and with our low prices we can really surprise them. Over the past decade, this has enabled us to successfully market our concept, and expand to 29 countries. The enormous growth we have experienced is proof that this formula is successful. In the past years, we have experienced a yearly growth of over 50%, and opened 21 web shops in different countries. By opening our marketplace we will enable online retailers to join in our growth. In addition, we have the utmost faith in our products, and want to offer them to as many people as possible, by expanding the range to over a billion products eventually.”

Distribution without borders

As part of their ambitious growth, vidaXL will give the go-ahead for construction of a completely new, international distribution centre in Venlo. Here, over 60.000 orders daily will be processed and shipped to all European countries. Ground breaking for the distribution centre is expected to occur in February, and the warehouse is expected to be operational at the end of the year.

About vidaXL

vidaXL is an international online retailer, who offers the best deal to a billion consumers worldwide.  By employing cost-effective design and production techniques, without compromising on quality, the company makes its own vidaXL products accessible and affordable for as many people as possible. vidaXL opened its first web shops in 2008, and the company has since then grown into one of Europe’s biggest online retailers. The company is active in 27 European countries, as well as Australia and the United States. In 2016, the company realised a revenue of over 175 million euros, a growth of over 50 percent in comparison to the previous year.



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vidaXL celebrates 10th anniversary and announces future plans

On June 25th vidaXL, an international online retailer, celebrates 10 years of enabling people to live it up for less. In 2006, founders Gerjan den Hartog and Wouter Bakker started selling a few products in Germany. However, this quickly led to not only an enormous growth, but also the manufacturing of products under vidaXL’s own brand. The number of products produced exclusively under vidaXL’s own brand also grew exponentially, and the company expanded their market to several European countries.

Today, vidaXL operates through 31 own web shops and several sales channels on three different continents. The company currently employs over 500 people in several locations in Australia, China, Romania, the Netherlands and United States. Monthly, vidaXL serves 200 000 individual customers around the world, and continues to make its products available to new customers.

“We at vidaXL are really thankful to our customers and partners for making this anniversary possible. It has been really pleasant to witness the growth of the company and take part in creating this success story. Earlier this year, our hard work was recognized by Thuiswinkel with their Cross-Border Award.” says Gerjan den Hartog.

The company’s success lies in sourcing and offering products at even more competitive prices. vidaXL’s experts keep continuously analyzing the market and trends, in order to offer sought-after products at the best price at the best time.

“For the future, we strive to improve our service, in order to satisfy our customers even more. Furthermore, we will significantly expand our assortment within the few next years, and we will continue to make our products accessible to as many people as possible. This year, we expect to exceed 150 Million euros in turnover.” says Wouter Bakker.

In October this year vidaXL will open its web shops to other sellers by starting its own vida marketplace. “We want to offer everything the customer wants and we can do that with the marketplace. At vidaXL we have 10 years of marketplace experience as a seller and we will use that experience to select the best sellers for our customers.” continues Bakker.

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