Supply Chain Valley: New innovation hub in Venlo

At the end of August several companies, amongst them vidaXL, Moonen Packaging, Seacon Logistics, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions and Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI), joined together to create Supply Chain Valley (SCV). The SCV is a collaboration that seeks to work with government, companies and academia to deliver joint goals that result in great outcomes for all involved and the wider environment, society and economy. They release their joint mission statement as follows:

“We, organisations work together on joint projects to achieve tangible results in the areas of; sustainability, end to end digital supply chain, shared economy, workforce of the future and warehouse of the future”

The SCV was seeded as an idea last year by vidaXL, bringing on board BISCI to develop the idea into the collaboration it is today, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding amongst the companies at the end of August. SCV is centred in Venlo, strengthening the region as a supply chain and logistics hub for Northern Europe. This team of companies is supported by first-class research and guidance from Maastricht University, TNO, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences through BISCI.

“Innovation, learning & development are the key drivers of sustainable growth, for people, companies and communities. Collaboration between a strong set of partners accelerates the development on these areas and enables us to remain relevant and become leading in the future.”Erik van der Hooft, Supply Chain Manager, vidaXL

“We attach great importance to sustainability and also to new talents at Arvato. With the creation of the supply chain valley we formalize our relationship with Maastricht University, and we will also combine forces with the partner companies to drive innovations to the next level”- Patrick Manders, VP Solution Design, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Valley understands that value chain innovation can’t be seen as a stand-alone goal, it must consider human interaction, change management, education, health and safety, natural resource consumption, production emissions, digital technology and other social and environmental externalities of business actions (positive and negative). The core purpose of SCV is to deliver environmental, social and economic benefit to the members and their stakeholders, through the delivery of joint projects that solve today’s business problems with solutions fit for tomorrow, ensuring companies remain strong into the future. However, the SCV is also collaborating with educational institutions to provide internships and employment opportunities to students and graduates of all levels. Senior academics will be invited for guest lectures and vice versa, there will be guest lectures from businesses in academic settings, to foster mutual learning. To facilitate these additional goals, the SCV envisages an inspiring environment with workspaces, lecture room(s) and meeting rooms, right in the heart of Venlo. vidaXL will develop this facility in 2021, with a mock-up of the design below. These facilities will be open for students, government, start-ups and others with inspiring ideas where they can work, collaborate and learn together.

vidaXL’s ambition is to become a future industry leader in ecommerce, and believes a strong ecosystem with connections between government, companies and education is essential to achieve this. vidaXL fosters the seeds planted for the Supply Chain Valley as only together larger future challenges can be solved, by sharing knowledge, ideas and talented people. By educating students at all levels with a fresh look on things, and collaborating with companies with years of experience in sustainability and supply chain management, this initiative leads to perfect synergy. Therefore, the word that best describes the Supply Chain Valley, is ‘collaboration’, according to vidaXL.

Supply Chain Valley is an ambitious collaboration of organisations with a long term vision for value creation in the Limburg region and beyond, for the whole of Northern Europe. If you would like any further information on the work the SCV is doing please contact us at [email protected].

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World Cleanup Day 2020 – The biggest clean-up action in Limburg

On Saturday, September 19th it was World Clean-up Day – a day filled with initiatives to make our world a little cleaner again. In Limburg, 5000 volunteers joined forces to start the Maas Cleanup 2020, an initiative that vidaXL sponsored in the hopes of contributing to a better future.

Clean rivers, better business

The amounts of trash collected in our oceans, rivers, and lakes are a result of our lack of environmental awareness. Most trash that ends up in the waters is caused by improper recycling and littering. At first, it starts with leaving a little trash here and there but over time these bits of trash accumulate to a larger problem our bodies of water are currently facing. Unfortunately, we as humans are the reason this problem is ongoing and is why we need to be the ones who address this concern.

Currently, vidaXL and companies in Limburg have teamed up to contribute to the Maas Clean-up, physically and financially, in a growing movement to increase environmental awareness. Together we can all make a meaningful difference by educating ourselves and playing our part through organizing cleanup actions on land and water.

vidaXL volunteering on Plastic Whale boats

The Plastic Whale boats normally clean the Grachten in Amsterdam, for the Maas Clean-up they came over to support the cause. As a company, we take pride in our employees who volunteered their time and efforts to go trash fishing in the Maasduinen at the Leukermeer. It was a fun afternoon filled with positivity and awareness. The biggest catch encountered for our team was a plastic beachball and a fuel canister.

Find more information on the official website:

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Venlo – From the next football season vidaXL will officially become a sponsor for Eredivisie club VVV-Venlo. The logo will be visible on the back of the match shirts and throughout the whole stadium. The contract was signed on 24 June by Marc Bogers, CEO of VVV-Venlo, and Linn Hallgren, Marketing Manager for vidaXL. “We’re very proud to be a sponsor for VVV-Venlo. We think it’s amazing to be on the back of the match shirts as a Venlo company”, Linn Hallgren says.

Venlo is not just the city where vidaXL’s headquarters is located, but also the hometown of a lot of vidaXL employees and VVV-Venlo fans. “As a company stationed in Venlo we want to return something to the city of Venlo through this connection with VVV-Venlo”, says Hallgren. vidaXL employs people from 35 different nationalities who all work closely together to achieve a common goal, just like a football team.

By collaborating with VVV-Venlo the company wants to increase their brand awareness to bring that typical vidaXL jackpot feeling to more customers. This feeling is achieved by keeping the prices low, the shopping experience as pleasant as possible and by always having the best deals.

“During conversations with VVV-Venlo we immediately got the right feeling. It’s amazing that the shirts won’t just be seen in the stadium, but also on Studio Sport or FOX Sport, which have a broad viewership, not just in the Netherlands, but also abroad” Hallgren comments.

vidaXL is an online retailer where you can go for everything from furniture and sporting goods to products for your home & garden. At you always benefit from low prices and the convenience of online shopping: all products are delivered to your home quickly, and shipping is always free!

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vidaXL is building an 80.000m² second distribution centre in Venlo (NL)

Because of rapid growth the international online retailer vidaXL will start the construction of a second distribution centre at Trade Port Noord in Venlo. The new distribution centre is expected to be finished in March 2020.

At the end of 2017 vidaXL already opened a new 100.000 m² distribution centre in Venlo. The very ambitious company started a dropshipping programme1) in 2018, which proved to be a great success. Because of this rapid growth – partly caused by dropshippers -, the company is again bursting at the seams, so a new warehouse needs to be built.

The construction of the second distribution centre with a total surface area of 80.000 m² at Trade Port Noord will start in May 2019. The total surface area of both buildings together will then be 180.000 m². The choice for Venlo as a base was again made because of the logistical advantages and the location of the current warehouse.

The construction and arrival of the new building has a positive effect on employment. The first building already has a ‘very good’ BREEAM certificate, and the same goal is pursued for the second building. For the second distribution centre the entire roof will be utilised for solar panels. These panels are expected to be installed and put into use during 2020.

1) Dropshipping is a way of reselling vidaXL products via your own webshop or other channels. The products are shipped directly from the distribution centre from vidaXL, so the seller doesn’t need to have stock. 

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vidaXL kicks off at eHome&Deco 17

Venray, November 2nd 2017 – International online retailer vidaXL will start off the most important online strategy event for the Dutch interior design industry; eHome & Deco, on Thursday, November 2nd. CCO Kijo Oudshoorn will offer the audience a peek into vidaXL’s ever-growing cross-border activities.

vidaXL’s expertise is a perfect match for eHome & Deco as the company offers a vast range of home and living items through its international shopping network. vidaXL, that will be operating from its new headquarters in Venlo shortly, has a broad experience in developing furniture collections under their own brand, as well as in internationally shipping almost any piece of furniture imaginable.

New possibilities
After vidaXL opened its doors to fellow web shops with the launch of the vidaXL Marketplace in the beginning of the year, it recently started off its own drop shipment program.

Web shops of any size can apply through to offer the vidaXL range on their own website, allowing vidaXL to expand its worldwide customer base and the drop shipper to add new product categories to his or her web shop in only a few clicks. Drop shippers do not require to have a warehouse of their own, as processing and handling of the orders is fully facilitated by vidaXL.
With vidaXL Marketplace and the Drop shipment programme, vidaXL is sharing the success of the cross-border strategy with others, as will be further explained at eHome & Deco.

More information?, vidaXL Marketplace

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Web shops can now offer the complete vidaXL assortment

  • vidaXL is starting the Dropshipment program on
  • Plug-ins for Magento 1, 2 and Lightspeed
  • Available in the whole of Europe, the US and Australia
  • vidaXL will process the orders and returns


VENRAY/UTRECHT, October 9th, 2017 – International online retailer vidaXL is starting to make its complete assortment available for other web shops. The so-called Dropshipment program is a user-friendly platform that can be used to easily and quickly take over all needed product information to sell vidaXL products on an own webshop.

After the vidaXL Marketplace going live earlier this year, vidaXL will now also start the Dropshipment program.

What does the dropshipment program entail?  

-The complete vidaXL catalogue is made available for implementation and sale

-Made easy by uncomplicated plug-ins or data feeds

-vidaXL will handle customer service and process returns

-Ideal for bigger and smaller companies alike

Possibilities on any scale
Dropshippers can link their own webshop to vidaXL’s catalogue before choosing which part of the assortment they want to display in their shop.  When a customer places an order, the shop owner can transfer the order to vidaXL for them to process the order, so the customers will quickly receive their product. “For the time being, we have a plug-in available for Magento 1, 2 and Lightspeed. But of course, an API is also available. The content is made available via plug-ins or a data feed”, says Kijo Oudshoorn, CCO at vidaXL.

vidaXL is active in Europe, the US and Australia, but it is difficult to reach every individual potential customer. The Dropshipment programme will be mutually beneficial as it allows vidaXL to expand their customer base and the dropshippers to expand their assortment. Above all, vidaXL will be an excellent partner for international expansion.

Independent and reliable

The platform will be fully managed by vidaXL. A dedicated department will guide new dropshippers through the whole process and make sure the selection is current. The prices will be very competitive, as usual at vidaXL. In addition, dropshippers do not have to worry about processing the order.  vidaXL’s extensive logistic network and experience will enable sellers to keep offering products of the brand effortlessly.  Offering a large assortment without the need for an own warehouse or worries about delivery and payment will now be made possible with vidaXL’s Dropshipment program!

More information?

Contact Branding & PR
Olaf Bus
[email protected]

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